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Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life. The day that you and your loved one commit to each other for eternity in front of your nearest and dearest; however, it goes without saying that planning the wedding day itself can be ridiculously stressful. You might even think about ditching all the planning and running away together to get married on a beach somewhere in paradise.

Well, we think that’s a great idea and you should go for it! The Gili Islands are the ideal place to get hitched and here are 10 reasons to back this up.

Getting Maried On A Tropical Island In Indonesia

1. It’s Sure To Be Romantic

The Gili Islands are incredibly romantic. Each Island has its own unique character with Gili Meno being well-known as the ‘Honeymoon Island’. However, each Island is beautiful and even Gili Trawangan has its quiet, romantic spots. When you’re dreaming of a beach wedding, it doesn’t get much better than the Gilis. The sand is white, the ocean is turquoise and the sun is always shining- what more could you ask for on your special day!

2. The Gilis Are Memorable

A destination wedding in the Gilis is going to be memorable not only for the bride and groom but also for your special guests. Weddings in your hometown might be amazing but nobody forgets the beach wedding in paradise. You can guarantee people will be talking about it for years to come.

Wedding Dress Gili Islands Bali Indonesia

3. It’s Easy

There are a variety of wedding planners that can help you plan your wedding in the Gilis. You can keep things simple or go all out, the choice is yours, but you can be sure that there’s plenty of help available If you need it.

4. The Pictures Will Be Amazing

Luxury Setting – The Gilis are a photographer’s paradise! You won’t need to go crazy with decorations as the setting is already perfect; this amazing paradise comes complete with breathtaking beaches, stunning sunsets and a luxurious landscape. There’s an abundance of great photo spots and opportunities (check out all of the ocean swings around the islands!). Gili resorts offer a wide range of accommodation options – from elegant private pool villas to beach front resorts.

Wedding Gili Islands Sunset

5. It’s Personal

Weddings can be stressful for the Bride and Groom when they feel they need to spend time talking to everyone that has made the effort to attend. A destination wedding means you have your nearest and dearest together for a few days (at least) so you can spend lots of time with all of them. That way, there’s no need to stress on the big day. Hooray!

6. It’s Cheaper Than You Think

The Gilis are still cheap in comparison to their big sister island Bali. You’ll find that everything is cheaper; the venue, catering, DJ’S and accommodation. You can even enquire at your chosen hotel for discounted room rates; some resorts may be willing to bargain in exchange for group business.

Bride On The Beach On The Gili Islands

7. You Can Combine The Wedding & The Honeymoon

Take it easy! Arriving in the Gilis is sure to support you to feel relaxed and rested right away. A destination wedding allows you to combine the wedding and the honeymoon so you don’t need to think of this as an added stress/cost. You could get hitched on one island and then take your honeymoon on another. Alternatively, you could get married in the Gilis and then take a honeymoon in Bali, Lombok or one of the other many beautiful destinations in Indonesia.

8. There are Enough Activities For Everyone

You’ll be at your destination for a few days, so why not get involved in some activities? There’s a huge variety of things to do and see in the Gilis and group activities can be a great way for everyone in your wedding party to bond. Whether it be diving amongst some of the worlds most diverse marine life or just topping up your tan before the big day, get involved and make the most out of your Gili Island wedding!

Wedding On The Beach On The Gili Islands

9. The Weather Is Great All Year Round

You heard us right! The Gilis are warm all year round. There is an official wet season, however, it’s common for it to rain cats and dogs in Bali and Lombok whilst the sun continues to shine over the Gilis.

10. It’s The Ultimate Place To Relax

The Gili Islands are just an all-round great place to be. Everything from the location itself to the hospitality of the local people. Getting married in the Gilis will be an amazing experience and you will be received with warmth, appreciation and pampered during your stay. It’s an extremely laid back lifestyle here and therefore, the ideal place to unwind, relax and most importantly enjoy your wedding day!

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