Are the Gili Islands Safe for Solo Female Travellers?

Blog: Are the Gilis safe for Solo Female Travellers

As a female traveller, going solo is a huge step to take in your travelling career. I’m sure you have already heard an array of echoing concerns from your loved ones. How do you set their minds at ease when you have never set foot in the Gilis either? Lucky for you, we are one […]

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How to Travel with Zero Plastic Waste

Travel with Zero Plastic

Written by Gili Shark Conservation These days, we can’t help but hear about the plastic pollution issues facing every region of our beautiful planet. We are bombarded with the fact that changes need to be made. We need to be more conscious of how everyone should change a few of their daily habits to make […]

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Kokoro Healing

Restreat on the Gili Islands in Indonesia

“The let life love you retreat” is all about exactly that, letting life love you. What the founders of Kokoro Healing – Sherri & Nick – mean by this is how to let life happen FOR you and not to you. They teach a balance between spiritual practice, getting in touch with yourself and with […]

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10 Must-Try Indonesia Dishes

Cover Blog 10 Must Try Indonesian Dishes

Written by: Angie from Feet Do Travel Travel and food go hand in hand. Obviously. We all need to eat, and trying new foods in different countries is part of immersing yourself into local cultures.​We have spent a year in Indonesia and everyone says “oh I love Indonesian food”, so it only seems natural to […]

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