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Burning Island Festival Gili Air 2016

Burning Island Festival 8 – 9 – 10 April 2016 on Gili Air

Burning times are back on Gili Air with the 5th edition of the Burning Island Festival. Taking place from the 8th to the 10th of April at Lucky’s Bar, the Space Bar crew and Pirates Retreat are bringing together a 48h psytrance music and fire spinning event on the tropical beaches of Gili Air.

Hosting a pumping Main Stage and Chill Out Area featuring local and international djs and producers, an eruptive Fire Space on the beach and psychedelic Deco by Space Bar crew, this year’s event comes once again in celebration and in respect for music, local culture and nature.

See you on the beach for a blasting one!

In collaboration with Gili Air local community, for the 3rd year in a row a circus show will be organised for the children of Gili Air. Held at the primary school, the show will take place on the morning of the 8th of April. All proceedings will be donated to the local school.

The line up of the main stage is full, but the space is open to more performers, artists and to anyone who wants to support the festival with their art or skill and make it even more diverse and happening. Drop us a line if you are interested in sharing your art –

It s a Free party but donation are welcome!!!


# Line up:

BLAST FLOOR : ( fullon, psytrance, forest , darkpsy)



NEURONAL FEEDBACK / Space Alchemy records / Neurotrance / Germany


******* DJ ************

ABSTRACT /Purple Hexagon Records /Indonesia

ACTARUS /Maharetta /Moonloop records/ France

ARK ( Free Earth ) Singapore

KIKX /Purple Hexagon Records/ Italy

SPIRIT MOON /Begadang /Uk

PATRIZIO /Shaman Records/ Bali/Italy

ATHA – gili tribe/ Serbia

GERRY /Dance for Peace/ Singapor

SUTEKH /Bom Sanka Music / UK

BY THE RAIN ( epic tribe – Bmss records) Turkey

SAIKOT (EPIC Tribe/ Belantara) – Russia

DAMNEGE (EPIC Tribe / Belantara) – UK

RADZY (BMSS Records / EPIC Tribe) Malaysia

TETRASOUND / Maharetta records /UK/PL

ETHERIX / Belgium

JOHN LEE (Lost in Paradise -Thailand)

SUDDHA / Purple Hexagon records / UK

FAURA ( Microcosmos Records/zenon) ru


CHILL OUT / GROOVY FLOOR: (chillout, glitch, psyteck , prog )

********** LIVE **********

BY THE RAIN ( epic tribe – Bmss records) Turkey

Dreamstalker (Zenon, Altar) ru

********** dj*********

ABSTRACT /Purple Hexagon Records /Indonesia

KIKX /Purple Hexagon Records/ Italy

ACTARUS /Maharetta /Moonloop records/ France

MARGEYE / purple Hexagone Records / Italie

ARK ( Free Earth ) Singapore

PSYNORANA (Hallucination Generation) RU

PATRIZIO /Shaman Records/ Bali/Italy


CHRIS / Hangover Records / Germany




Space bar crew ( Gili Air )
Epic tribe ( malaysia)
Geo-matrix ( England)



by all the amazing people from the pirates retreat:



From Bali take fast boat to Gili Air.
From Lombok go to Bangsal and take slow boat to Gili Air.

More about how to get to to Gili Air here.

Free PARTY ,Free mind , Free spirit

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