Gili News: Fee For Overstay Increased To 1 Million Per Day

2nd of May 2019: Overstay is the act of staying in Indonesia for longer than your visa or entry permit allows. Note that both the day that you enter Indonesia and the day you leave count as full days. For example, you entered using the visa free 30 day entry, on the 1st of September (a month with 30 days). Then your 30th day in Indonesia would be the 30th of September. Each day after that would count as a day overstayed.

You will have to pay a fine of 1 million IDR (Rupiah) per day of overstay as of May 3, 2019. Then you can leave the country. Be sure to go early to leave enough time to sort out your overstay without missing your flight!  Find out more here.

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