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15 April 2019. Last weekend the research team of the Gili Shark Conservation Project went to Singapore to attend the International SeaKeepers Society Award Diner. Part of the dinner was the presentation of The International SeaKeepers Society Asia Achievement Award. And guess what? The Shark Team won the award!

The award is given to individuals or organizations who show extraordinary commitment to the cause of marine conservation in Asia. Here are some words of the director Gail Tay:

“The award was given to the Gili Shark Conservation Project in recognition of their exemplary work and direct role in conservation management. We commend the vision and teams passion to improve the protection of sharks found around the Gili Islands, and to create a legacy of conservation around the islands. The unique program of the Gili Shark Conservation Project allows people from all over the world to experience and learn about sharks first hand while making a real difference with their data collection efforts. The dedication and integration into the local community is evident in the initiative Plastic Free Paradise.“

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