What’s the best place that you’ve ever traveled to? It’s the question that almost every traveler asks another. Where in the world is so amazing that you would call it your favorite?

We find this question difficult to answer, as we’re sure you do when you get this question. Each place has its own special meaning and beauty. That said, there are some places that stick out much more than others. There are places where we left a piece of our heart.

Behind The Scenes Of Our Favorite Places

Everyone has a story and we’re here to listen and share it with the world. We made it our mission to scout out accommodations that we think have a special charm and a lovely story to tell. How did the owner end up on the island? Why did they choose the Gili Islands to start their dream? What makes this place stand out from all the others? These are just a few examples of questions we answer in our Gili Specials. This page will be a work in progress, as we are constantly finding new places and businesses to check out. Would you like to know which restaurants are our favorite on The Gilis? Check out our Gili Foodie page!

P.s. Are you a business owner wanting to tell your story and be featured as a Gili Special on our website? Shoot us an email at FavoritePlaces@Gilis.Asia. We’d love to collaborate with you!

Feel free to share the sunshine!

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Gili Special: The Mandana Suites and Villas

The Mandana Suites and Villas

Surya, the owner of The Mandana Suites and Villa arrived in Gili Air, March 2017. He had been living in Indonesia for seven months. All this time he was looking to buy land so he could start his dream: opening a small boutique hotel on a tropical island. Coming across ...
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