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Visa Announcement Indonesia

Indonesia Visit Visa Residence PermitHey guys, just a heads up. The Indonesian Government recently issued a new regulation (Govt Reg No. 31) regarding Residence Permit Visits.

An excerpt from Article 140 states:

“Application of renewal of a Visit Stay Permit for foreigners who enter the Indonesian Territory with a Visit Visa as
referred to in Article 133 clause (1) letter a, shall be submitted to Head Immigration Office or a designated Immigration Officer whose service area includes the residence in question by filling out data application and attaching the following requirements:
a. Letter of Guarantee from the Guarantor when submitting an application of a Visa; and

b. Legal and valid passport (more than 6 months).

In simple terms, Foreigners or Tourists who are visiting Indonesia using Social-Cultural Visa (211 Visa) can extend their visa only if there is a guarantor or sponsor’s name on their visa.

It can only be extended by the sponsor and the visa owner. It cannot be represented or delegated to others.

If there is no name of a guarantor or sponsor on the visa, Foreigners or the Tourists cannot extend their visa and can only stay in Indonesia in accordance with the amount of time that has been given.

So if you are applying for a Visit Visa or a Visa Socio-Cultural, make sure that the visa contains the name of your guarantor or sponsor. If there is no sponsor’s/guarantor’s name on your visa, please report to the embassy as soon as possible.

You access the full report here: