Below is a collection of reviews, videos and English, German, French and Italian blog posts about the 3 Gili Islands, Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno & Gili Air, located just north of Lombok, Indonesia. If you write a blog about those islands just let us know and we will post it here as well. 

Weekend in Gili’s from remi Grousset on Vimeo.

Matthew T

“Total bliss after walking up Mt Rinjani. Food was always fresh, service was always exceptionally high and the locals not only understand that the tourists bring them money but they embrace the visitors and embody the concept. I wish I could live there.”

Gili Islands Indonesia from Life Before Work Travel on Vimeo.

Gemma R

“No cars, interesting people from all over the world, white sandy beaches, great bars and food, value for money accomodation, no crime – must visit.”

Alone in : Bali & Gili Islands from Andrey Ivanov on Vimeo.

Chloe C

“Gili T sophisticated hotels sit happily a short walk away from the hip backpacker and dive places. A tranquil but fun place with breathtaking beaches. Could not fault the place.”

Indonesian Dream from Igor Veremiychuk on Vimeo.

Heather A

“We stayed at Sengiggi Beach on Lombok and got the local boat across to the Gili Islands. We stopped at all 3 Gillies and some times we jumped straight off the boat to snorkel. Gili T had plentiful small fish, Gili M had the best coral and we saw turtles, and we finished off with Gili Air which had big fish and we drifted along a coral shelf, this experience was fantastic. If I had the chance I would come back to the Gillies and spend a week snorkeling all over. Love my snorkeling.”

Gili Meno island from Geoclip on Vimeo.
Brian V

“It’s a true tropical paradise with great sea life, turtles are not hard to find in the coral reefs. Accomodations are unbelievable, price ranges between 6 dollar and 60 bucks a night. For that 60 dollars you get a gorgeous place with a private swimming pool, breakfast ans extras like bikes. Poolbars, party places and cocktail lounges are everywhere. Just be careful with the booze, some bars have fake alcohol (methanol).”

Blogs about the Gili Islands, Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air


Nomadic Boys Gay friendly travel guide to the Gili Islands

“The Gili islands reminded us of Destiny’s Child: a trio of talented divas but ultimately upstaged by a superstar.”

Mostly Amelie Gili Air: Lombok’s Dump Blonde

“Gili Air’s coast is impos­si­bly beau­ti­ful, a turquoise and blue rib­bon run­ning the cir­cum­fer­ence of the island..”

It Started in Asia Top 5 Things To Do on Gili Air, Indonesia

“There are no cars, no scooters and very little noise. Little reason to have rules here. Everyone is in a world of peace.”

Livelifelovecake Finally time to start my backpacking detox; Gili Air, Indonesia

“I fell in love with Gili Air due to it’s mellow vibe, which is hard to explain to someone who has never been (you need to go!)”

Divergent Travelers 15 Fotos and Facts about visiting Gili Trawangan

“Everywhere you go in Asia you are assaulted by high volumes of traffic and chaos, so when we stepped out of the boat into the crystal clear water of Gili T, we were so surprised and relieved at what we discovered.  The whole island posses a sort of magic about it, you are after all, in paradise.”

Getting Stamped Quite possibly our favorite place… so far

“We fell in love with Gili because it has a great young, backpacker feel. The majority of the island is filled with locally owned small hostels, so there is no problem finding a cheap bed.”

Sophie Kukukita What to do in Gili Air

“Personally, Gili Air is my paradise. When I came to Bali for the first time while I was living in Japan, I made a stop here by chance. I was attracted to the name “Gili” and I imagined three islands with people who are happy and laughing all day long.”

Travel junkie Indonesia Another Sweet Summer’s Afternoon on Gili Trawangan Hill

“It really is a sweet life. I went to my favourite hill to chill out in the sun. I spent half the day at the Gili Trawangan Hill. I was utterly intoxicated by all the colours around me. Gili Trawangan has a reputation as a party island, a Shangri La for travel junkies and hedonistic Indonesians or Singaporeans that’s awash with budget-priced digs and dive centres.”

The Write Way Around Introducing and Budgeting Gili Trawangan

“Just over the tree tops and thatched rooftops of the bungalows in front of our hostel dorm room we could see the palette of colors swirling together for the night’s sun set, growing stronger as the minutes ticked away. Evening was starting to settle on the small island of Gili Trawangan, and as the sun started to set, the call to prayer started to sound.”

This American Girl Gili Air is Home

“I gave myself permission to take a vacation from adventure and just enjoy myself instead. Then unexpectedly not alone but in the comfort of the people I now loved I found what I needed I found myself again.”

Ashley Abroad Tiny Paradise: A Week on Gili Trawangan

“Gili Trawangan in a word is utterly, stupidly beautiful. The first time I stood on the beach and looked out at the tourmaline waters and backdrop of sharp, navy blue mountains, I couldn’t believe my luck; my last week in Asia would be spent here?”

Barefoot Beach Blonde Living cheap in paradise: The Gilis Indonesia

“It’s true what they say about island living, you pay for the privilege. So, when our stomach clenching speedboat coasted into the turquoise blue harbour of Gili Trawangan, just off the coast of Lombok in Indonesia, I had a feeling the next few days would be more expensive than cheap backpacker living in Kuta. I wasn’t wrong, but that doesn’t mean you can’t minimise the blow to your wallets”

Our Big Fat Travel Adventure Searching Our Souls On The Gili Islands

“The harsh journey was worth it though; as we disembarked on Gili Trawangan we were instantly captivated by the beauty of the island. It looked like every cliché of paradise – clear turquoise waters lapping against a carpet of white-gold. There are no motorised vehicles on any of the Gili Islands, so as we walked the dirt tracks looking for a place to stay we were passed by tourists on bicycles and locals driving horse and carts.”

Nomadic Matt Gili Islands

“Over the years, these sleepy little islands have become a huge destination for backpackers and budget travelers. Though they are not as tranquil and cheap as they were in the past, if you are looking for a quiet alternative to Bali with even better beaches and seafood, come to the Gilis. I enjoyed them a lot more than Bali. It’s a good “chill out” spot.”

Backpacker Banter Gili T – The Perfect Slice Of Indonesian Island Paradise

“As part of my backpacking month in Indonesia I made the last minute decision to explore the Gili Islands to the east of Bali – mainly owing to a slight flat spell in the surf – but it’s something I’m heaps glad I did. Having only a week to spare I opted to head to the most popular of the 3 islands – Gili T.”

Travelling Mudskippers The Gili Islands – which one is the best? Depends on your traveling style…

“We recently visited the Gili Islands in Lombok, Indonesia.  It seems, from our conversations with several travellers, few people make it to all three and, due to time restraints, are forced to decide on just one.  Choosing which one can be tough. So we thought we’d help out with our admittedly very biased review of all three.”

The Eco Gypsy The Gili Islands

The Gili Islands are a group of three islands off the northwest of Lombok Island – Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. They are all stunning turquoise droplets in the deep indigo ocean and have a very laid back Robinson Crusoe chic, no cars and a slow pace of life that appeals to people looking for easily reached paradise from Bali and Lombok.



„ “ Die Gili Islands: Dein Guide für das indonesische Insel-Paradies

Die Gili Islands sind zurecht ein absolutes Sehnsuchtsziel! Während unserer Weltreise haben wir noch keinen Ort entdeckt, bei dem wir das Urlaubsfeeling so sehr einatmen konnten. Du kannst im türkisen Wasser mit Schildkröten schnorcheln oder mit einem leckeren Cocktail in der Hand traumhafte Sonnenuntergänge am Strand genießen. Die Gilis haben einfach alles, was du für eine perfekte Reise brauchst!

Life to go Backpacking auf den Gili Inseln

Die drei Gili Inseln, Gili Air, Gili Meno und Gili Trawangan haben uns definitiv in ihren Bann gezogen!

Weltnomade Gili Trawangan: Der ultimative Guide für das Inselparadies

“Was richtig rockt, welche Vorurteile stimmen und welche nicht und ob die Insel noch Backpacking Potenzial hat, alle Infos für dich, hier im Beitrag.”

Swiss Nomads Die Gilis – Inselparadies im Trio für jedes Budget

“Die drei wunderschönen Inselchen nordwestlich von Lombok sind schon lange kein Geheimnis mehr. Kein Wunder, denn die Gilis sind wirklich paradiesisch. Wir haben niemanden getroffen, dem die Gilis nicht gefallen haben. Und das Gute dabei ist, es gibt drei davon.”

Indo Junkie Gili Fever And How I Found Paradise

“Die drei Inseln vor Lombok, nur einen Speedboat-Trip von Bali entfernt, sind sicher kein Geheimtipp mehr. Die meisten Indonesien-Reisenden waren schon einmal da und ja, auch der Lonely Planet schreibt über sie. Aber auch wenn sie kein Insider-Hideaway und sicher auch nicht das kulturelle Zentrum Indonesiens sein mögen, so würde ich sie trotzdem noch lange nicht von der Must-See-Liste streichen. Denn sie haben einfach jede Empfehlung verdient! Wer einmal da war, weiß warum.”

Home Is Where My Bag Is Endlich habe ich mein Paradies gefunden: Die Gili Inseln

“Die Gili-Inseln in Indonesien – lange habe ich auf unserer Reise quer durch Asien nach meinem persönlichen kleinen Paradies gesucht und es hier gefunden. 3 kleine Inseln in der Nähe von Lombok, Balis Nachbarinsel, mit den Namen Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno und Gili Air.”

black dots white spots Gili – wo sogar ich Strandurlaub machen kann

“Es gibt da drei kleine Inseln in Indonesien, die selbst mich zur Strandurlauberin mutieren lassen: Gili. Das sind drei kleine Koralleninseln vor der Küste von Lombok, ca. 1 1/2h mit dem Schnellboot von Bali entfernt, mit schönen Stränden und total gechillter Atmosphäre.”

Reflexionen eines Suchenden Reisereportage: Gili Trawangan

“Gili Trawangan liegt mit seinen beiden Nachbarinseln Gili Meno und Gili Air etwa 30 km östlich von Bali. Bei ungetrübtem Wetter wird der Anblick auf die nahe gelegenen Insel Lombok vom 3726 Meter hohen Rinjani beherrscht – einem aktiven Vulkan. Für die drei Gili-Inseln drängt sich der Vergleich mit Perlen in der Südsee geradezu auf. Gili T., wie die Insel von vielen Touristen schlicht genannt wird, ist seit Jahrzehnten Anziehungspunkt für Backpacker und hat sich inzwischen zu einer Partyinsel entwickelt, die integraler Bestandteil vieler Südostasienreisen junger Backpacker geworden ist.”

Travelicia Backpacking Gili Islands: Lust auf’s Paradies?

“Ein Archipel aus drei Inseln: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno und Gili Air. Schon lange gelten die Inseln als Backpacker-Mekka und sind auch immer noch ein absolutes Highlight für Backpacker auch wenn es langsam voller wird. Wenn ihr aber in der Nebensaison (vor Juni) fahrt wirken die Gili’s immer noch ein bischen verschlafen. Da sind sie die Strände zum Baden und Tauchen und da findest Du die kleinen netten Cafés und Restaurants nach denen Du auf Bali teilweise vergeblich suchst. Wer hier nicht runter kommt hat ein Problem.”

Planet Backpack Die besten Tipps für Backpacker auf Gili Trawangan

“Schon mal das Paradies erlebt? So richtig? Türkises Meer. Lässige Bars. Tauchen und Schnorcheln ohne Ende. Keine Fahrzeuge. Coole Locals. Geile Parties. Weiße Strände. Super Chill-Vibe.”

NIEDblog Gili Air: Die zauberhafte Prinzessin unter drei Schwestern

“Die Gili Islands sind ein kleines Insel-Trio vor der Küste Lomboks und auch von der indonesischen Götterinsel Bali nur eine gut zweistündige Speedboot-Fahrt entfernt. Gili Air, Gili Meno und Gili Trawangan locken zwar beim ersten Anblick mit ganz ähnlichen Reizen, doch bei genauerem Hinschauen sind die drei Schwestern grundverschieden.”


One Day One Travel Gili Trawangan, Air et Meno : 3 îles paradisiaques

“La renommée des Gilis n’est plus à faire. Cela fait maintenant des années que les visiteurs de Bali font un détour dans sur ces ilots aux larges de Lombok. Et oui ! Ces minuscules îles ont sû garder tout leur charme. Les Gilis sont 3 atolls coraliens aux doux noms de Trawangan, Air et Meno. Trawangan est la plus grande et la plus animée.”

Babillages Bons baisers de Gili Trawangan, Indonesie

“Sur les îles Gili (Gili Trawangan, Meno, Air…), point de voiture ! Ici, on se balade à pied, à vélo ou cidomo (en calèche, en Français dans le texte). Bref, vous l’aurez compris, ces îles paradisiaques m’ont donné envie de jour les Robinson Crusoë, loin de tout, à ne penser qu’à une chose : me ressourcer.”

Blog Trotteuses Gili meno : séjour sur une île paradisiaque

“Les iles gili sont un archipel de 3 iles faisant parties de Lombok. Il y a Gili Trawengan, Gili Meno et Gili air. Après avoir entendu plusieurs échos sur la réputation de chacune des îles, nous jetons notre dévolu sur meno.”

Novo Monde Gili Air, un petit air de paradis…

“On vous le disait plus haut, les Gilis ce n’est pas bien grand et tout se fait très bien à pied! De toute manière c’est vite vu, sur les îles Gili les véhicules motorisés ne sont pas autorisés… chevaux des giliDu coup point de moto, de tuktuk de voiture ou de bus!!! Et je vous garanti que ça fait un bien fou de ne plus entendre à chaque coin de rue: “Sir, motorbike? Tuk tuk Sir?”



In Ogni Viaggio  Gili Islands, isolette da vero relax. Parola di un’iperattiva

“Credetemi. Queste 3 isolette mignon – Gili Air, Gili Meno e Gili Trawangan – di fronte alla costa di Lombok, hanno questo effetto: rilassamento totale. Effetto piuttosto potente direi, dato che anche io – capace di stare ferma per poco tempo – sono riuscita a rilassarmi dopo poche ore aver saltato giù dal ferryboat sprofondando con i miei piedi sulla spiaggia bianca di Gili Trawangan (o Gili T.), la più “grande” ed “animata” delle tre.”

La Cucina Mi Gili Islands

“Appena arrivate vi troverete in una realtà parallela. Sull’isola non ci sono macchine ne motorini, solo biciclette e calessi tirati da cavalli.”

Che ti porto Quale scegliere tra le Isole Gili in Indonesia

“Non credo esistano preferenze oggettive, dipende come sempre da quello che ogni persona cerca nel viaggio.
Gili Air: Per quanto mi riguarda è la mia preferita, anzi è proprio un luogo magnetico per me, uno dei pochi della mia vita nei quali sono ritornata all’interno dello stesso viaggio. Ha l’atmosfera che cerco, o forse che cercavo quando ci sono andata.

Amiche si parte Isole Gili. Oceano Indiano

“Si sbarca alla Robinson Crusoe sulla spiaggia, piedi direttamente in acqua, mentre la vista a trecentosessanta gradi vi regalerà immagini fatte di palme di cocco, acqua turchese, sabbia bianca e fine e, in lontananza il profilo dell’isola di Lombok. Tutte e tre hanno in comune qualcosa che le rende ancora più speciali. Fra le stradine sterrate non sfreccia nessun’auto e nemmeno uno scooter.”

wanderlust Gili Trawangan / Indonesia / consigli di viaggio

“Sì alle Gili perché il mare è pazzesco, le spiagge bianchissime, e le tartarughe piuttosto socievoli. Sì alle Gili perché ci sono tanti giovani (è inserito nel famigerato Banana Pancake Trail), localini tranquilli e un sacco di buoni ristoranti. E perché nonostante l’afflusso sempre più intenso di turisti restano isole dall’aspetto naturale, sulle quali sono vietati i mezzi a motore, e il tempo è scandito dalle uscite per lo snorkeling.”

Viaggiare Low Cost Gili Islands in Indonesia – Gili Trawangan

“Gili Trawangan è l’isola su cui ho deciso di soggiornare per una serie di motivi anche se avrei preferito stare in una delle altre due in quanto notoriamente più tranquille e isolate.Ho optato per Gili Trawangan in quanto essendo l’isola più turistica tra le tre e con più comodità per questioni di lavoro, e quindi necessità internet, ho immaginato che qui fosse più semplice trovarlo oltre che avere la certezza che i costi per gli alloggi potessero essere inferiori.”

 Bitter Funny Life Gili Islands

“Vi racconterò della giornata trascorsa alle isole Gili, una gita d’obbligo se siete a Lombok o Bali! Se preferite poi alloggiare lì una notte o due, ancora meglio! La prima delle tre isole che visitiamo è Gili Trawangan. Da Lombok a Gili Trawangan ci si impiega una manciata di minuti di barca veloce.”



Mochilao Trips Mar azul, mesquitas e cogumelos

“Sabe quando você gosta tanto de um lugar que não quer mais sair de lá? Pois é, foi exatamente assim que me senti nas Gili Islands, umas ilhotas lindas na Indonésia. Minha ideia era passar uns 3 ou 4 dias, mas acabei ficando quase duas semanas!

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