Mt Rinjani crater lake
Mt Rinjani is an active volcano that lies in the central north of Lombok and is Indonesia’s second highest volcano at 3,726 metres (12,224ft). Within Rinjani’s caldera, at its crater rim, is a 50 km2 lake called Segara Anak (Child of the Sea) where there is also the Aik Kalak hot springs. The volcano dominates the horizon of Lombok’s landscape and can be viewed in all its majesty from the three Gili Islands.
Rinjani is a popular attraction for visitors to the Gili Islands as it offers a challenging climb as well as spectacular views of the crater lake and the surrounding 41,000 hectares that make up the Mt. Rinjani National Park.

Booking a Rinjani Trek

If climbing Rinjani has perked your interest you will have no trouble booking a trip there from any of the three Gili Islands. There are several tour booking offices that advertise for these trips, enquire at any one of them and you’re on your way! Bookings are all inclusive of food & water, transport, accommodation and guide. *Bear in mind that Rinjani treks are not available in the rainy season for safety reasons.

Getting to Rinjani

Your trip will begin with a boat ride to Lombok the day before you start your trek and transport to either Senaru or Sembulan Lawang village where you will stay for the night. Early the next morning you will start your trek with your guide!

Trekking Rinjani – The Basics

Treks to Rinjani’s crater require two days and one nights stay on the mountain (although you can book longer trips to go the extra 1,000metres to the summit) where your guide cooks for you and sets up your tents. Bring warm clothes as it can get very chilly in the evening at elevation. As well, Rinjani is a strenuous climb so good physical fitness is a highly recommended prerequisite.