Are you looking for a unique and relaxing getaway experience in a quiet and homey place? Visit Villa Nangka on the tropical island of Gili Air – Lombok, Indonesia, where white sandy beaches meet turquoise waters and lush palm tree jungles.

About the owners 

It all started in 2012 when Rose, originally from the Netherlands, stumbled upon Gili Air and instantly fell in love with the island. She found a job as a scuba diving instructor and started calling the ocean her office.

Not long after, she found a secret getaway in the middle of the island, (Villa Nangka – Nangka means jackfruit in Bahasa) and started calling it her home. Under the Nangka tree, she met Andreas from Germany, who had arrived on the island the same year as a freediving instructor, and it was the beginning of something special!

In September 2015 Rose and Andreas found out that Villa Nangka was for sale and decided that running Villa Nangka was a dream come true! But with hardly any savings, no fixed contracts, and no assets, which bank would be nice enough to give them a loan?

‘’First rule in life: If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. We went from daydreaming to actively making plans and after two months of hard work, we got the money together to buy our dream’’ – Rose & Andreas

A dream comes true

On December 30, 2015, they open the doors to their beautiful Villa Nangka. Since then Rose and Andreas have continuously improved their home to make it as homely as possible for all their lovely visitors from all over the world. 

As they started off with such a small budget, they had to get creative with the interior design of the villas. Almost every piece of furniture in Villa Nangka was hand-sandpapered by Rose and Andreas, and they spent hours and hours whitewashing. They (almost) loved every minute of it 😉

‘’It’s a great feeling to wake up every day and to do what you love most.’’

Accommodation options in Villa Nangka

Traditional Bungalow

Villa Nangka’s Lumbung bungalow strikes the perfect balance between traditional and modern. The design of the traditional Sasak inspired rice barn is noticeable in the typical crafted wooden curved roof, making it a unique experience not to be missed whilst being on the Gili islands. 

The bungalows are all equipped with a comfortable king-size bed (2x2m) with extra soft sheets and high-quality pillows that will have you drifting off to sleep with ease. The bungalow also offers air conditioning, fresh hot and cold water, and a safety deposit box.

The bungalow comes with a huge semi-outdoors tropical bathroom, so you can enjoy the sunshine during a refreshing shower. 

Enjoy the swimming pool in front of your bungalow in Villa Nangka’s tropical garden, and at night, when the Gili sky lights up with stars, you can lay back and relax on your own private terrace with a corner sofa.

Two-bedroom Villa 

Traveling with more than two people and looking for your own getaway in a quiet homely place? Villa Nangka has a stunning brand new two-level bamboo villa waiting to help you properly unwind.

When arriving in your new home away from home in paradise you can feel every element is designed with love. Rose and Andreas both have an eye for detail and it’s evident that every part of the villa was well thought out. 

The villa offers two ensuite bedrooms with access to the garden and pool. The tropical open-air bathroom is tiled with handmade ceramic cement tiles designed by the lovely couple. We recommend having a shower in the evening to enjoy the magical Gili sky full of stars.

The bedrooms are uniquely designed and decorated with super king-size beds, (2x2m) with soft sheets and pillows that will have you sleeping like a baby. Both bedrooms have polished concrete flooring which maintains a cooler room temperature. The villa is air-conditioned and comes with a safety box to store your belongings. 

Besides that, the two-bedroom villa also has a second floor where you can enjoy the cool ocean breeze while enjoying the beautiful garden view. This is the perfect space to truly relax on a lazy afternoon, or take time to finish that book you always wanted to read. The spacious first floor is also a great place to do some morning stretches or yoga, and if you don’t travel with your own yoga mat, Rose and Andreas will be happy to lend you one!

It’s amazing how Rose and Andreas worked with bamboo in all shapes and patterns. When staying in Villa Nangka you’ll notice a lot of bamboo elements in the stairs, railing and ceilings, all of which give Villa Nangka a unique tropical feel and look and serve as a reminder of how powerful and beautiful natural resources can be.

Another lovely service Villa Nangka provides is complimentary tea, coffee, water, and homemade Kombucha. You are also free to pick your own fresh fruit from the garden. Depending on the season they have, papaya, lemongrass, mango, jackfruit, banana, with more fruit coming soon!

Rose and Andreas did an amazing job of creating another slice of heaven in paradise!

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Want to know more about Rose and Andreas love story and the beautiful Villa Nangka, visit their website. Find out about their other passion here – Giving back to the ocean!

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