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Located on the west side of the island, the sunset views of the neighbouring island Gili Meno in the shadow of Bali’s Mount Agung are spectacular. Vyaana Gili Air provides guests with a quiet space in which to enjoy the beauty and solitude of Gili Air.  Our beach is kept in a natural state to provide a natural setting and sustain the environment.

Gili Air is one of three Gili Islands located off the north west coast of Lombok Indonesia.  The Island of Lombok is located south east from Bali and can be reached by air from Singapore, Jakarta, Perth and Bali.  You can also get to Gili Air in less than 3 hours by fast boat from multiple ports in Bali.

The beach at Vyaana Gili Air is maintained in a way to keep it as natural as possible to support the processes that created it.  We have left the dune and its trees intact and planted indigenous ground cover plants to assist to help retain the sand dune.  Wooden pathways are being installed to provide a sustainable method of getting to and from the beach area.

Currently our beach is approximately 200 meters long, so finding a quiet place to be alone or with your partner is no problem at all.